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Table Tag Express

Meet the Table Tag Express – a versatile tabletop labeler that effortlessly combines precision and efficiency. With the ability to apply both marketing and compliance labels, hand-fed entry for user-friendly loading, and a remarkable labeling speed of up to 15-30 products per minute, it's the ideal solution for diverse labeling needs. The unique Programmable Logic Controller ensures automation and consistent labeling quality, while the touch panel interface simplifies control and troubleshooting.

Key Features:

  • Versatility: Apply both marketing and compliance labels effortlessly.
  • Efficiency: Labels up to 15 products or 30 products (when used with an optional product handling device) per minute for enhanced productivity.
  • Entry System: Convenient hand-fed system for loading products one at a time.
  • Automation Advantage: Controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for precision and consistency.
  • Touch Panel Interface: Easy operation with a touch panel featuring built-in product and labeler counters, plus diagnostics.
  • Enhanced Controls: Monitor labeled items, overall usage, and troubleshoot with ease.

Advanced Functionality:

  • Product Counter: Keep track of labeled items.
  • Labeler Counter: Monitor overall labeler usage.
  • Diagnostics Feature: Test every component from the front panel without additional tools.

Exceptional Troubleshooting:

  • Simplified Setup: Easy setup and troubleshooting with built-in diagnostics.


  • Ideal for businesses requiring versatile labeling (marketing and compliance).
  • Perfect for those seeking an efficient, cost-effective tabletop labeler with advanced automation.
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