Cannabis Rules & Regulations: Georgia

Cannabis Rules & Regulations: Georgia

Georgia Cannabis History

Cannabis in Georgia is illegal for recreational use, but decriminalized in the cities of Atlanta, Savannah, and a few others. Limited medical use is allowed in the form of cannabis oil containing less than 5% THC.  

In 2018, HB 65 added pain and PTSD to the list of qualifying medical conditions.  In April 2019, Georgia's Hope Act, House Bill 324 was approved, allowing in-state cultivation of cannabis and sale of the low-THC oil.

Georgia’s medical marijuana laws are more restrictive than many other states.  For example, it does not legalize the sale of marijuana in flower form or in food products, and does not allow THC oil to be vaporized.

Georgia Child-Resistant Packaging Rules

Georgia Cannabis Labeling Laws are are established in 19 LC 28 9384S – 16-12-218.  Medical THC oil labeling must include the following according to Georgia state law:

  • (2) Assign a tracking number to any low THC oil distributed;
  • (3) Properly package low THC oil in compliance with the federal Poison Prevention Packing Act regarding child resistant packaging and exemptions for packaging for elderly patients and shall label low THC oil with a list of all active ingredients and specific identifying information, including:
  • (A) The patient’s name and date of birth;
  • (B) The name and date of birth of a caregiver or designated caregiver, if applicable;
  • (C) The patient’s registry identification number from his or her registration card; and
  • (D) The chemical composition of the low THC oil;
  • (4) Ensure that the low THC oil distributed contains a maximum of a 60 day supply of the dosage determined for such registered patient; and
  • (5) Offer access to a licensed Georgia pharmacist to provide professional consultation and counseling, including drug regimen review, for the registered patient.

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Editor's Note: Status as of 4/1/2021

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