Cannabis Rules & Regulations: Oklahoma

Cannabis Rules & Regulations: Oklahoma

Oklahoma Cannabis History

Medical marijuana has been legal in Oklahoma since 2018, when Oklahoma State Question 788, or the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, was passed by voters.

Previously, 2015’s HB 2154 authorized the sale of CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC, manufactured from industrial hemp.

Oklahoma Child-Resistant Packaging Rules

Required information on Oklahoma’s medical marijuana packaging includes:

  • THC potency
  • Terpenoid potency
  • The following government warning statements for labeling:
    • “This product has been tested for contaminants.”
    • “Women should not use marijuana or medical marijuana products during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects.”
  • “Keep out of reach of children.” 
  • Oklahoma Uniform Symbol
  • All packages and individually packaged product units, including but not limited to those from bulk packaging, must contain the Oklahoma Uniform Symbol (or universal symbol) in clear and plain sight. The universal symbol must be printed no smaller than 1⁄2 inch x 1⁄2 inch (recommended .06” x .085”) in size and be red in color with black text

Child-resistant packaging requirements include the following:


  • All medical marijuana and medical marijuana products must be packaged in child-resistant packages containers at the point of sale or other transfer to a patient, a patient’s parent or legal guardian if patient is a minor, or a caregiver. Child-resistant packaging:
  • Must be designed or constructed to be significantly difficult for children under five (5) years of age to open and not difficult for normal adults to use properly as defined by 16 C.F.R. 1700.15 (1995) and 16 C.F.R. 1700.20 (1995).
  • Opaque so that the outermost packaging does not allow the product to be seen without opening the packaging material.
  • Resealable to maintain its child-resistant effectiveness for multiple openings for any product intended for more than a single use or containing multiple servings.

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 Editor's Note: Status as of 4/6/2021

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