Cannabis Rules & Regulations: Vermont

Cannabis Rules & Regulations: Vermont

Vermont Cannabis History

Medical marijuana was made available to Vermont residents with 2004’s Senate Bill 76.  In 2013, HB200 eliminated criminal penalties for possession of up to an ounce and replaced them with civil fines.

Recreational usage was legalized in 2018 with the signing of H. 511 (Act 86), making Vermont the first state to legalize marijuana through legislative action rather than a ballot initiative.

Vermont Child-Resistant Packaging Rules

Vermont’s cannabis labeling and packaging guidelines include the following:

  • Cannabis products must be labeled with the date the product was manufactured, the date the product is best used by, the ingredients contained in the product, information on the length of time it typically takes for products to take effect, and appropriate warnings developed by the Board in consultation with the Department of Health;
  • Cannabis products must be clearly identifiable with a standard symbol adopted by the Board indicating that it contains cannabis;
  • Packaging must be opaque and child-resistant.
  • A registered dispensary shall package all marijuana dispensed in an envelope or other container used and intended for sale.
  • A label shall be affixed on the packaging of all marijuana that is dispensed. 
  • The label shall identify the particular strain of marijuana and the weight of marijuana contained within the package in gram or ounce units. 
  • Marijuana strains shall reflect the properties of the plant.
  • Additionally, the label shall contain a statement to the effect that the State of Vermont does not attest to the medicinal value of cannabis, a statement that this product is not for resale, and clearly identify “marijuana” is contained within the packaging.
  • The dispensary shall verify the amount of all marijuana dispensed.
  • Documentation shall be maintained containing at a minimum the name and registry identification number of the registered dispensary cardholders verifying the amount of marijuana and any errors identified.


For more information, please refer to the Final Proposed Rules Regulating Cannabis for Symptom Relief.

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