Cannabis Rules & Regulations: Hawaii

Cannabis Rules & Regulations: Hawaii

Hawaii Cannabis History

Medical use of cannabis was legalized in Hawaii in 2000, when Act 228 (SB862 HD1) was signed into law.  The law allowed for the acquisition, possession, and use of marijuana for medical purposes, but did not establish a dispensary system.

To address legal acquisition of medical cannabis, Senate Bill 321 was passed in 2016, which established a legal dispensary system within the state.

While recreational use of marijuana remains illegal in Hawaii, possession of personal amounts was decriminalized in January, 2020 with Senate Bill 47.


Hawaii Child-Resistant Packaging Rules

All cannabis products in Hawaii must be in compliant child-resistant packaging before being delivered to the dispensaries, and include the following information:

  • 1. Child-resistant, opaque packaging, so that the product cannot be seen from outside the packaging;
  • 2. Black lettering on a white background.  No pictures or graphics.
  • 3. Clearly labeled with the phrase “For medical use only”
  • 4. Clearly labeled with the phrase “Not for resale or transfer to another person”
  • 5. Include instructions for use and “use by date”
  • 6. Contain information about contents and product potency
  • 7. Include the name of the producer, batch number, and date of packaging
  • 8. Include a barcode generated by tracking software
  • 9. In the case of a manufactured cannabis product, includes:
    • (A) The physical weight of the product;
    • (B) Clearly labeled warning stating that the product:
    • (i) Is a medication that contains cannabis, and is not a food;  and
    • (ii) Should be kept away from children;  and
    • (C) Date of manufacture
    • (b) Any capsule, lozenge, or pill containing cannabis or its principal psychoactive constituent tetrahydrocannabinol shall be packaged so that one dose, serving, or single wrapped item contains no more than ten milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol;  provided that no manufactured cannabis product that is sold in a pack of multiple doses, servings, or single wrapped items, nor any containers of oils, shall contain more than a total of one thousand milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol per pack or container
    • (c) All manufactured cannabis products shall be individually wrapped at the original point of manufacture.

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