Cannabis Rules & Regulations: Iowa

Cannabis Rules & Regulations: Iowa

Iowa Cannabis History

The use of cannabis is illegal for both medical and recreational use in Iowa.  The only exception is CBD oil with less than 3% THC, which was legalized in 2014 when the Iowa Legislature passed SF 2360, aka the Medical Cannabidiol Act.  This enabled patients with epilepsy to access CBD oil.

Updates to medical cannabidiol regulations were made in 2020, with HF2589, expanding access to THC oil.  

Iowa Child-Resistant Packaging Rules

Child-resistant packaging requirements for CBD oil in Iowa are outlined in 

641—154.21(124E) Packaging and labeling.

To comply with Iowa state law, medical cannabidiol must be packaged to the following standards:
  • a. The manufacturer shall properly package medical cannabidiol in compliance with the United States Poison Prevention Packing Act regarding child-resistant packaging and exemptions for packaging for elderly patients.
  • The manufacturer shall label packaged medical cannabidiol as described in subrule 154.21(3).
  • The manufacturer shall use medical containers that are:
    • (1) Of sufficient size to accommodate a separate dispensary label containing the information described in rule 645—154.46(124E);
    • (2)  Designed to maximize the shelf life of the contained medical cannabidiol;
    • (3)  Tamper-evident; and
    • (4)  Child-resistant.
  • d. Medical cannabidiol packaging shall not bear a reasonable resemblance to commonly available nonmedical commercial products.
  • e. The manufacturer shall package medical cannabidiol in a manner that minimizes the package’s appeal to children.
  • f. The manufacturer shall not depict images other than the manufacturer’s business name or logo on the packaging. 

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Editor's Note: Status as of 4/1/2021

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